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Proclaimers for Christ is literally a blog, training center and community of believers, for and inspired by our Lord Jesus Christ. It was given in a vision in mid 2009 and did not actually start to get on-line until the beginning of 2011. God’s intent for this site is pure perfection and intended to bring HIS church body together as one. No one person or even a select few will control and dictate the content and direction of this site. It is literally the future personal blogging place and social network for thousands of Christians.


This will take a moment to read. It is worth it.

Christians all around the world will use this site as a reason to visit, grow and inspire other christians in their communities, both locally and virtually. If a language is not available… we will find a way to get it translated.

We ask — that you talk to people, meet, e-mail, blog and tweet people, to know about this fellowship and discipleship site… As you talk to individuals and share information about this site and your local activities, we ask that you take a moment to find out if they are “saved”. Those of us who are familiar with going into the highways, byways, streets and businesses of our local communities throughout the USA will find many that are not “born again”. Take a moment and share your testimony and witness to them and lead them in the prayer of salvation. You will also find a great many individuals who have left a church body for one reason or another. Some are frustrated, some are lost. Please take a moment and introduce them to Proclaimers for Christ and reach out to them with information about your local home groups, activities and Gospel based churches. You will also find some that are also passionate about Christ, Proclaimers for Christ is for them all.


We suggest that as you meet people and share the Gospel, that you invite them to your Proclaimers for Christ Bible Study/Bible Story Group (homes, churches, or something other than that, that is a Christ centered meeting)  There are various community specialty outreach and service programs that you/we promote locally and encourage them to visit one of them: home groups, or  a men’s event like a Saturday AM prayer breakfast, a business lunch, or a women’s tea, a woman’s prayer meeting or a Youth Bible story troupe (that puts on Bible story performances monthly at various churches) or any one of several Single, Prime Timers, Couples or Outreach activities that are hosted in your personal community by Proclaimers for Christ, thus, making them ALL denominational activities and NOT a single Church or group with any agenda that is other than to build God’s Church and do His work while fulfilling the Great Commission. We are here to help you in any way we can. Join our forums and get involved, share your experiences and we will share ours. Together we will grow, people will be saved and lives will be touched.

REMEMBER, THE GOAL IS TO UNITE, GROW & BOND THE BODY OF CHRIST — Not to push a particular doctrine.


As you are continuing to visit, minister, chat, talk and tweet with them we ask that you let them know what your group is doing locally in Ministry, Outreach, Home Groups, Church etc. We also ask that you encourage them to join your group of Proclaimers for Christ on-line community for fellowship and  sharing at Please let them know that is a great place to learn, study, share, fellowship and maybe even blog or teach. They can even attend one of our on-line Churches while they seek to find a local house of worship.


Our local body of Christ is coming together and uniting through the non-political, unity of Christian hearts in Proclaimers for Christ. Thanks to you and your hard work, and the loving bonds and support of the Proclaimers for Christ network, things will grow and local projects, activities and programs will start to unfold. We encourage you to get a home group(s) rolling as soon as possible and to find things that your local body will participate in. Visit our Forums for ideas. Eventually, your Proclaimers for Christ group will have everything rolling from Soup Kitchens and Home Groups to Performing Arts and Music Programs and eventually into International Missions programs. Dare to believe and you will succeed. All is possible when the Lord’s in charge. We are here to help. Join us today and share, learn, teach and grow with us.


Home groups are the life blood of the Christian experience. Those who experience finding a loving group of believers who get together to study God’s Word through any number of ideas, methods or ways (see Home Groups) from the use of popular DVD’s and workbooks to Proclaimers favorite — which is simply listening to or reading any one of the 270 or so Bible Stories (150 Old Testament, 120 New testament) and then discussing its meaning and how it applies to their lives. A group can cover a story every week, discussing last week’s story and its meaning and message and starting a new one to think about for the next week. If you already have or are part of a home group, share it and your experiences with us here and let us give you a special page for it and all we ask in return for us promoting you is that you help promote us as well.


Christians on a whole rarely share the gospel. The fear of rejection is paralyzing for most. If a local home group or a team that has gotten together to start any of the above events or activities go out into their local mission field and talk about their group, activity or event it is easy to testify and witness to those you find that are not saved. Inviting them to an activity or home group for many newly saved Christians (especially for those who left a Church due to a negative experience) is our goal. We want to bring them back to the Lord through a home group or an activity that does not have any other agenda’s and is NOT centered on a particular denominational set of beliefs.  There is no competition or politics, so we are a unified group of believers. It is important to get the Gospel out there. It is also important to get them active as a disciple, learning how to walk in obedience to the Word of God, walking in  grace and love, NOT prejudice and elitism.


Pastors, Boards, Leaders and Church members who share the hopes and dreams of Proclaimers for Christ to unite the local body of Christ for the sake of the Lord’s Church and not just to fill their own pews, and coffers and really do have the “Great Commission” in their heart are heavily sought after to participate in Proclaimers for Christ. Working together to bring the Gospel to the local community and to raise the spirits, activities and involvement of the total Church body in the local area will without a doubt, in the long run, grow every church in the area and allow for love, grace and the Word to prosper. There is no place in the Lord’s Church for those who are so focused on the highly debated and controversial doctrinal disagreements that they lose sight on what Jesus wants, teaches and tells us to do. Christians NEED church. They need their shepherd and they NEED to fellowship and have a place to congregate. They don’t need politics, elitism and bashing among the Christian community. So many good loving souls are staying at home and NOT going to Church because they don’t feel they fit in and so many don’t want to fit in because they feel that the church, the pastor or the church members don’t behave as Christ would. We have all experienced it. Proclaimers for Christ wants to reduce that, stay focused on the Word and the Gospel, while accepting individual Christian differences that are biblically sound. This will be hard. We need the Pastors and the Churches involved in order for this to come “Full Circle” and re-build our Christian communities. Pastors are welcome to get a special page on our site to promote their Church or even weekly messages. We can provide donation links that go straight to you via YOUR PayPal account and we can assist on inserting audio, video messages etc. If you like to write… become one of our bloggers or forum authors and moderators. If you come with love and grace and do not come to control or dictate then Proclaimers will meet you with same love. All we ask in return for us promoting you is that you help promote us as well.


It is the core of  Proclaimers for Christ to share the Lord’s vision, that we will unfold as soon as we can. As Proclaimers we all want to help as many Missionaries who dedicate the hearts, mind, body and soul to the glory of God and spreading of the Gospel. Active Missionaries from any Christian denomination whose teachings are based and rooted in the 66 books of the Christian Bible are welcome to get a special page to share their ministry with all of the Proclaimers family. We will gladly add a donations link directly to your PayPal account. You are invited to share Audio, Video and a few pictures on your page. Just e-mail us for more details. All we ask in return for us promoting you is that you help promote us as well.

Over time, as Proclaimers builds, it is our goal to use the technology that the Lord has blessed our founders with to bring live video streams from every part of the world where Missionaries are being supported. Imagine the support that would be given or received if a variety of your local Churches could one night a month host an event and show a video from the Mission field of souls being saved, lives being improved and helped and where the Audio is into their own language and instantly subtitled into the Language of those sitting inside the Church. What would that do to increase donations? What would that do to increase Church membership? What would that do grow both the local body of Christ and each and every participating Church.


We are not after your money, we don’t want to control you, all we want is to Love you as Christ Jesus did and fellowship with you and to learn and share our experiences with each other — as we all go and grow in our walk in Christ. You will find donation tabs — they are for you NOT Proclaimers, They are to help specific groups or organizations or Missionaries grow, those monies go directly to them and we do not even touch it. All of our funding at this time comes from the visitors who click through on any of the advertisements and affiliates that you will eventually see on the sidebar of the site and shop for things you need or want at hopefully a great price. So, if you like this site and want to help fund it, go shopping! Hopefully for things you really want and need and the businesses will give us a time referral fee for your purchasing from them. Unless it is from our own personal shopping cart and products that we may eventually have, we won’t even be involved in the transactions.


With Christians talking, walking, texting, tweeting, calling, sharing the Gospel and the unity of the Church as Jesus meant it to be, we will reach the ends of the earth. It is our hope that church groups will grow, being filled with Christians who are simply focused on the Word of God and NOT denominational bias and politics. With Social Events, Community Bible Studies and Performing Arts and Outreach for Local and International needs, the Body of Christ will awaken, prosper, grow and will become everything that our Lord Jesus Christ wants it to be. Proclaimers for Christ is NOT a political organization. It is not controlled by an affiliation to a particular group or Church. It is built by and for the Full Body of Christians. The Board of Proclaimers as well as its leadership, bloggers, moderators, community leaders, home ministers, and street and international evangelists are made up of you, the body of Christ We encourage you to seek God’s wisdom, love, grace, humility, gifts, discernments, and to desire earnestly to do His will and evolve to teach and share the simple everlasting truths of God’s Word as it is found in the 66 books of the Christian Bibles. Make this your website. Take ownership of its content, ask questions, get involved, and share your testimony and your experiences. Pray with us, cry with us, love one another as Christ does. Help teach and raise disciples, who understand our old nature as sinners and our redemption that the love and grace of our Lord, Master and Savior Jesus Christ has provided by his ultimate sacrifice and death on the Cross,  the shedding of his blood for us and rising again so that we may have eternal life and be resurrected into Heaven some day. We want to get to know and love Him more and more each day by the lives we lead, by the lives we touch, and by prayer and study of His Word and the communion with the Holy Spirit and fellowship with other Proclaimers for Christ.

Please join us.
The Servants and Proclaimers for Christ