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Silly Doctrinal Issues

[ 0 ] May 22, 2011 | admi8n

Notice that I didn’t say “Silly Doctrine I said “Silly Doctrinal Issues”.


No Doctrine is silly. In fact ALL doctrinal beliefs are critical as they express many important beliefs of a person, group, ministry or Church. They are what makes the various denominations what they are and it is the shared belief in one set of doctrines over another that draws membership to a particular denomination. In many ways it is like the difference between Democrats and Republicans or Conservatives and Liberals.


What a person thinks, what they believe is critically important and needs to be respected. When in a community sometimes we just need to agree that we disagree. Here at Proclaimers for Christ we believe that if a Doctrinal Statement is grounded in the Word… (that it meets ALL of the following:

  1. That it is found in the scriptures of the 66 books of the Christian Bible AND
  2. That it is confirmed by other scripture… AND
  3. It is Centered in Christ… AND
  4. it adheres to Christian principles

Then — as Proclaimers for Christ members we need to be tolerant of these differences even if we don’t personally believe that they have it “right”. (remember the commandments)


That does NOT mean that you or anyone should change what they believe. We each need to pray over these differences in doctrinal beliefs as most all of them ARE grounded in the 66 books of the Christian bible and most of them ARE supported by multiple scripture.

BACK to “Silly Denominational Issues”

We understand that some people are taken back for a second when they read this controversial statement. We hope it invokes thought and prayer. So lets study the phrase for a moment.


If you Google  ”define issues” Wikipedia is the first to come up. It defines “Issues” as (Noun)  ”An important topic or problem for debate or discussion”.


If you Google “define Silly” comes up first and it defines silly as (Adjective) “Having or showing a lack of common sense or judgment; foolish.”


If we Google “define Doctrinal” wins again and defines it as (Adjective)  ”of, pertaining to, or concerned with doctrine


So if we tie it all together we get Two adjectives followed by a noun which comes together as a combined definition of…


Having or showing a lack of common sense or judgment; foolish pertaining to, or concerned with doctrine An important topic or problem for debate or discussion.


Wow what a statement!

But wait!


Before we start to look more closely we have to remember the 2 adjectives and then the noun.


The Noun especially when used in the Plural form Becomes the main subject of the sentence or phrase. see for noun


(any member of a class of words that are formallydistinguished in many languages, as in English, typically bythe plural and possessive endings and that can function asthe main or only elements of subjects or objects)


Thus in the statement “Silly Doctrinal Issues” it is the word “issues” which becomes the subject or the main point of the statement and the words “Silly” and “Doctrinal” becomes adjectives which help to modify or describe the subject. So we know that “Issues” the what is being refered to as silly and that Doctrinal is a helping describe what kinds of issues are the subject.  Had we used “Issue” and “Doctrine” and NOT “Issues” and “Doctrinal” then Doctrine would have become the subject and issue would have NOT been the subject.


In Conclusion…

Traditional English Language stand that the Phrase ” Silly Doctrinal Issues” can only mean one thing when proper grammar is considered.


When people become foolish and show a lack of common sense by making such an important topic as Denominational Doctrine an issue so great that the debate and discussion over shadows the relationship with their Brother, Sister, Ministries or other Denominations more important than Christ and the Love, Grace and support of our fellow Christians then well They are foolish and the act of doing so is just plain silly.


Why such a controversial statement?

So here at Proclaimers for Christ we use the phrase Christ centered a lot. That is because even though we are fleshly beings and prone to foolishness and silly behavior we need to keep Christ in the center of every thing we do. Proclaimers for Christ Ministry feels that as children of God are re-claimed back into an active relationship with Christ That they have a lot of questions, mis-understandings and confusions about various doctrinal topics. We also feel that most new believers who are on their way to develop their faith will need to glean a solid understanding of these extremely important doctrinal topics as well. So many new believers or non-active Christians get very confused as to why are all of these denominations that call themselves Christ centered Christian believers so different and so adverse to one another. Most other religions don’t seem to have these kinds of internal issues that has caused so many groups to splinter and separate instead of bonding together in love and grace.


Proclaimers for Christ believes that individuals need a place where they can hear all of the positive statements and grounded biblical reasons for each of the doctrinal differences. In such a way that is healthy and Holy Spirit inspired. So that, individuals can Hear, Read, Pray, Study, and Memorize the various opinions and determine in their own Holy Spirit filled hearts what they truly believe and not fall subject to demands, prejudice and silly debates and arguments that turn Christian against Christian. Plus, Proclaimers is adamant about bringing the Bride of Jesus Christ together in harmony, love, grace and wisdom. This will then allow individuals to find a home Church that they feel has a heart similar to their own and not make the journey to a “positive experience” so daunting.


Doctrinal FREEDOM is crucial

Here at Proclaimers for Christ we take Doctrinal freedom as a point of loving and sharing conversation! It is never to be treated with disrespect and NO ONE is to put down another persons doctrinal belief. However, if two or more individuals are gathered together and they are comfortable talking respectfully and discussing their Biblical doctrines and foundations. If they desire to testify to one another as to why or how a certain element of their particular Doctrinal beliefs have helped them grow spiritually in Christ Jesus, and all parties involved, want to be part of this discussion… then, we see it as healthy. We feel that it supports good discipleship, training and maturing.


It is those who take issue with anothers doctrine in a negative light that is silly because a persons doctrine is part of their very Christian Foundation. Shine a positive light on what is good about your Christ Centered, Bible Grounded, doctrinal belief AND NOT what is bad about their Christ Centered, Bible Grounded, doctrinal belief.


If the Bride of Christ is ever going to come together as a single Bride then we have to be able to find a way to lovingly embrace ALL Christ centered believers who put their Hope, Faith, Love and Belief in the 66 books of the Christian bible and do so without prejudice or “Silly Doctrinal Issues”. We hope this helps bring light and peace to those who took issue with this statement. “Silly Doctrinal Issues” as it was intended to evoke emotion, thought and discussion in a positive Holy Spirit inspired way.  Please pray for is you struggle with this you may suffer from prejudice that may be a bit misplaced.


Just keep this in mind…

However it is the debating, arguing  and almost hating of other Christ centered believers over  the many doctrinal points to such a degree that we forget Christ in the Center and break up the body or “Bride” of Christ over these silly debates.

Jesus is coming back for one Bride NOT several

No where does it say that you have to believe in a certain set of doctrine in order to be saved and go to Heaven. So even though it is very important for all of the positive sides and views of each Biblically grounded doctrinal philosophy to be saved and go to Heaven. Do you really think that when you Make it past Saint Peter at the Pearly Gates of Heaven and you meet the Arch Angel Michael that your crown, throne or Heavenly positioning is going to be based on your man made Churches doctrine?

If so… Please keep reading the Bible



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