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Attack of the Christian Cannibals — Alive and well in America

[ 0 ] May 12, 2011 | admi8n

The lioness sees the grass move near her “Pride”. Skillfully, she alerts her fellow ladies of the “Pride” that there is a “snake in the grass”. Together, without hesitation, they skillfully circle the moving grass. Then, she leaps into action taking some of her pride with her and they quickly shred and destroy the “snake in the grass” that she suspects was about to lash out at her, her lion king, or another lioness in her “Pride”. She attacks with her sharp claws extended and ferociously rips at the flesh of her “prey” with her fully extended claws and teeth glaring.  After a quick and short flurry of violence she returns to her precious high ground that is like an alter for her “Sun worship” with blood dripping from her fangs and paws. She lays outstretched claws retracted and feeds the bloody flesh of her victim to her cubs and her king the Lion who lays there sharing in the glory of his ladies with his great mane showing his dominance over his “Pride” of a dozen so called Lionesses. Proud of her accomplishment she grooms herself, feeds her lion king while she beams to her cubs about her recent shredding of the ”snake in the grass” and her ability to protect her fellow “Pride” of Lions. She feeds the now unidentifiable shredded flesh of her catch to her lion king who lays relaxed and unmoved from the recent commotion and never having the need to have raised a claw of his own as it is his Lioness that brings him the spoils of her recent conquest. As they finish their meal this harem takes a moment to pet and stroke each other with the soft pads of their claw retracted paws. Bellies full, satisfied basking on their alter in the glorious sunshine of the day.

Sounds like an average day in the lion kings life and his pride inside the African savannah grasslands.


Sadly, this behavior when done in the wild is part of the natural occurrences as professed by Darwin himself and is needed for life in the “jungle”. Regretfully, this same role plays out Millions and Millions of times here inside America. Especially in the lives of those who call themselves Christians.

Look into any town USA and do the following experiment. Do not get ahead of this teaching as the journey though it is glorious and full of grace, love, and understanding. This hopefully will show us how we as Christians should behave. Changing what may be the greatest evil and destructive source inside the Church.

Walk down any street in America and knock on 50 doors and ask the residents if they would consider themselves a “Christian”? On average, 85% will say “YES”! Then if you dig a bit deeper to find out if they are practicing their faith and you will find about 80% of Americans barely practice their faith. Further digging will almost always uncover a horror story of how they felt that they were hurt by well-meaning Christians, Preachers and Church members. This wounding by their brothers and sisters is what seems to hold them back from an active life following the calling that the Lord chose for them and living an active and life as a Christ centered believer. defines Cannibalism as “the eating of the flesh of one animal by another animal of the same kind”. Our most common cause in the devastation to the American Christian is not direct attacks by Satanists”, “Pagans”, “Witches and Warlocks” – It is the slander, character assignations, and judgmental attitudes of the would be members and leadership in so many of our Churches. Simply, Americans are being devoured by our own body of “So Called Christians”.

Christian Cannibalism is a steady and consistent practice that has afflicted the body of Christ since the death of our Lord and Savior. Paul warned of it repeatedly in his letters to Timothy and the Churches. IT was common practice in the Old Testament. Jesus was not crucified by enemies from the empire of Rome or directly attacked by demonic spirits or those who worshiped ancient Pagan religions. Satan used Jews the chosen of the Lord to bring about the crucifixion and persecution of our Lord Jesus.

Christians are their own worst enemy. Well intentioned followers so often prefer to act as the ancient Roman Catholic Church and accuse so many good Christians of Heresy or of wrong doings without following proper biblical protocols and procedures. These followers are quick to attack without a clear understanding of who or what they are attacking. It is natural for individuals to want everyone to act, behave and even look like each other. We don’t like different. We don’t like those who disagree with us. We don’t like those who question us or perhaps believe in something that may still be Biblically sound but does not agree with our own brand of denominationalism. Rather than take the time to understand we circle it with our “Pride” and attack in violently and shred it as a “snake in the grass”. If it is of the Lord we would lie in anguish over the battle we would weep for the loss. Not boastfully brag and gloat over our victories of those who didn’t do anything more than move the grass a bit too close to the Alter of the “Pride”-full.

Christians are thin skinned, easily hurt or offended. They are quick to judge others, to attack and resist those that are different or are doing things that they do not yet understand. None of this of course is Biblical and when called on it they love to tell their victim to turn the other cheek or to follow proper protocol in calling their actions into question. A “Pride”, or a “Click”, or a “Harem” is a brutally protective group. Yet they are no match for the group of so called believers in a Church who feel that someone doesn’t fit. Churches chase away more of the Lord’s children than they embrace.

Jesus calls us His Bride. We are the “Body” of Christ here on Earth. A body does not function with all parts or members of the “Body” if they are all identical! A well-formed body is not made up of all eye, or all noses or all feet. It is a group of unique and distinctly different members of the body that work together in harmony. It gets destroyed if it starts to attack itself or each other. Cannibalism in any form is not pretty. Nor is it Biblically sound… and don’t start “playing the communion argument” that eating the flesh and drinking the blood of Jesus ceremonially is the same thing.

Here is the solution, look deep in your soul, make the Holy Spirit and Jesus Christ the only “neck” that can turn your head. Do NOT let any man or woman be your spiritual intermediary, guide or advisor. Do not follow those who are prideful, or those who dictate how or what is your calling to do for the Lord. Once you place a “lion king” or a “lioness” as your “spirit”-ual guide then you are subject to them and NOT to Jesus. Never, take a life, never, accuse others without carefully talking to the person yourself, never share what you think without “real” evidence and never ever hurt a brother or sister just because the moved the grass or you will answer to the Lord about your actions and I wouldn’t want to be you on the real Judgment Day!

Learn to love our differences, learn to accept questions, learn to ask for yourself and never accept or believe what you are told (hear) from any human, and only trust half of what you see. If you have any doubts or issues with a brother or sister, go to them personally, talk to them, learn what it is that they think or what they have to say. Even if your sister or brother claim that they have done so – never act on what they have learned. Act ONLY on what you know personally. Follow biblical procedure.

We need the Churches strong… We need the body of Christ whole… We need the bride healthy… we need to re-claim those wounded Christians and to give them Grace, Love, Mercy and Forgiveness… we need to lead as true Christ centered examples and not play “Church”!, we need to stand up and defend those who are attacked and  not attack those who are claimed to be a threat or different or not worthy… we need to exclaim the word of the Lord in a loving manner… we need to correct with love and humility and with the word of God and not cower at the fear of also being persecuted… We need to be Proclaimers for Christ!

If this makes sense to you… as it should… welcome to our family of Christ centered believers. We are accountable to each other as true brothers and sisters. We treat each other with Love and not condemnation. We correct each other with grace and forgiveness. We stay focused on the Gospel and are about our Fathers business and are true defenders of the Faith with firm, truth and kindness.

So the next time you are called on to witness against a brother or sister, or the next time you see what looks wrong. Keep your mouth shut and do not act in any manner that is not Biblically sound until you have met personally with the party that you are offended by. If you do not get satisfaction bring a neutral brother or sister and try again. If that does not work then bring that person and yourself fully in front of your local body and stay in prayer and stay Biblical. Otherwise, may the Lord forgive you when you are held accountable for His child that you just hurt!

Reclaimers, Exclaimers and Proclaimers for Christ!

In His service together – Shalom!



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