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Making Proclaimers for Christ your very Own

[ 0 ] January 10, 2011 | admi8n

proclaimers, bible_study, proclaimers for christ, The structure of the website itself is built and designed to allow all Brothers and Sisters in Christ to make this their site. Not just a place to visit. But thier very own personal site.

A place to learn, to explore, to grow to share and teach others in an environment without persecution, power struggles, forced control and man’s doctrinal side steps and deceptions.  This is a Ministry for you, of you and by you working hand in hand doing the work of the Lord and so long as it is rooted and based in Biblical truth and only comes from the 66 books of the Christian Bible you are welcome.

This house, this Ministry, this Church has no walls and very little leadership. All who put in an effort and participate in the forums and social network who ask questions, share insights and act in Love with Grace and show an anointed spirit will be asked and invited to become a moderator and eventually a contributor to the blogs, teachings and Ministries.

All Christian Pastors, Missionaries, and Ministries are welcome and can have a page to share with others. We will gladly post it free for you and point it to your blog or website. You may do so yourself by creating a second profile on our social network for your Church or Ministry. We are always looking for ways to help you raise monies and if your contributions are well received by the body of Christ then we will be glad to give you a formal page that you can control with links, donation tabs that go straght to your Church or Ministry. Of course those of you who are very active in the forums and are well received will also be invited to become an  author on the blogs.

This is truly a house for the Full Body of Christ. Please come, visit, contribute, love one another, share. learn and grow as you Proclaim Christ your Lord, Master and Savior. No “Churchy” politics or games here. Just the word of the Lord and fellowship, grace and love as we expand our discipleship and individual and collective Ministries.

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